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Welcome to exsilium, where we thrive on making sure you have the upper hand in CSGO! Here you will find the best undetected CS:GO cheat for free in 2019. You can join our community today and gain access to our forums containing free CS:GO cheats, source codes as well as general discussions about coding and cheating. We are still in the midst of bettering our website so any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Getting started is very simple! Once you’ve signed up, take your time to familiarise yourself with who we are and whether or not you think this is the right community for you. Once you’ve had a look at our website, feel free to head on over to our forums. We assure you that our forums are easy to navigate, however, if you are experiencing issues, then don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Support team. Our support team is friendly, approachable and are willing to aid you in fixing or troubleshooting any problems you may be facing. Lastly, we are consistently working on improving our website so expect to see many updates in the future.

Free CSGO Cheats and Hacks

As you are most likely already aware of, we offer top of the line CS:GO cheats for free, these can be found on our forums where you can download them! We offer multiple different free cheats which are each made by separate coders, they all differ from each other so trying them all out is advised. You can also find the source codes of many different cheats so creating your own has never been easier!



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